Cheat Sheets, Learning Resources and Downloads

New Horizons Ireland understand that learning is not limited to the classroom. That is why we offer student resources to complement our training solutions and help our students put their newly learned skills and knowledge into practice.

So we have put together a list of handy resources for our students to use including free cheat sheet for you to download and print out and free software trial downloads.

Tech Cheat Sheets

Sign up to our Tech Newsletter to gain access to our free Tech learning resources and cheat sheets. Included in our tech learning resources is a Web Browser cheat sheet, SQL Server cheat sheet, Python cheat sheet, Windows 10 cheat sheet and Visual Studio cheat sheet.

Cheat-sheet-PREVIEW-Visual-studio Cheat-sheet-PREVIEW-Windows10 SQL server cheat sheet Web Browser cheat sheet Cheat-sheet-PREVIEW-Python

Adobe Cheat Sheets - Free Download

Free Adobe Cheat sheets

Please click the image to download a PDF of the cheat sheet.

Adobe suite keyboard shortcuts Photoshop keyboard shortcut cheat sheet Dreamweaver keyboard shortcut cheat sheet