Excel Special Offer

Our Microsoft Excel special offer is valid until the 30th of November of 2018 and you will pay €175 instead of €250 (our default price).

Once you book your Excel course until the 30th of November your training can take place anytime up until the 31st January 2019.

Simple use discount code 175 to book any of the below classes now!

Upcoming Public Dates

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Excel Level 1

Monday 3rd

Thursday 4th

Wednesday 7th

Monday 3rd

Monday 7th

Excel Level 2

Friday 14th

Tuesday 16th

Friday 16th

Tuesday 11th

Friday 18th

Excel Level 3

Thursday 27th

Wednesday 31st

Thursday 29th

Wednesday 19th

Thursday 31st

Classes run from 9:30am until 5pm in our Dublin office just near the Jervis Street Shopping Centre.

*Offer ends 30th November 2018*

Got 4 or more staff members interested in the training?

Then a private class in your offices or in here at New Horizons Ireland would be the best option for you. You can have up to 12 delegates attend per day for €725 (within Co. Dublin).

The advantage of a customised class is that the training is highly focused on the objectives of your company. The class can be customised to your specific needs and current skill level of the delegates. 

Read more about bulk discounts

*This special offer would apply for all bookings made before the 30th of November of 2018 and the training can take place anytime up until the 31st 2019.