One on One Training in our Dublin Mentored Learning Classroom

Flexible training with evening sessions available

New Horizons Ireland Mentored Learning puts time back in your hands. Flexible course schedules allow you to acquire skills around your daily schedule. We know that time is money, and Walk in - Walk out aspect of mentored learning allows you to maintain productivity and schedule around deadlines while increasing your capabilities.

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The mentored learning was something I was originally hesitant about, but turned out to be an excellent environment and something I would definitely do again(and hope to) and would have no problem recommending.

Dublin Student - Jan 2016

I found this to be a very effective method of delivering training. the pace of the videos was perfect and the labs are an excellent resource. It worked very well for me.

Mentored learning class in New Horizons Dublin.

My instructor was excellent and even if i did not have questions he made sure that the info in the videos was understood and went through examples

Cisco Student
Mentored learning class in New Horizons Dublin.

The course was a nice surprise as I had never done mentored learning before and I really enjoyed it. 
The support from the trainers was fantastic and the videos made the information flow very personal which suited me

Mentored learning class in New Horizons Dublin

Great working environment, very relaxed. The staff are very knowledgeable and always willing and ready to give advice when needed. The course itself provided me with all the knowledge I need to set-up a windows server, all the labs were very beneficial. 
Complementary tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit is great, the staff are very friendly and helpful

Mentored learning class in New Horizons Dublin

Mentored Learning is an on-demand delivery model - you determine when you attend training and for how long.

  • Each workstation includes two computer monitors
  • One monitor contains course content
  • One monitor has access to a production environment to practice your skills
  • A live instructor is your personal mentor and coach
  • You set the course pace

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible schedules allow you to get that added skill set while maintaining your daily schedule.

  • Build your training schedule around your work schedule 
  • Remain productive at work while training
  • Ability to control the pace of the course
  • Put your newly-learned skills into action immediately

Focused Learning

Learn what you need to learn without wasting your time with what you may already know.

  • Skill sets are assessed prior to training
  • Custom learning path can then be created to fill the knowledge gap
  • Focus only on what you need to learn at your pace
  • Learn while doing approach increases retention
  • Post-assessments track progress and return on investment.

One-On-One Mentoring

Certified Instructors are present to provide ongoing coaching, support and guidance throughout your training.

  • One-on-one mentoring increases comprehension of the material
  • Blending lecture, hands-on practice and instructor interaction creates a stimulating and effective learning environment
  • Mentors answer questions and provide additional instruction

Stay Productive. Stay in Charge. Begin Mentored Learning Today

New Horizons Ireland will develop a customized training plan for each student which will translate into improved productivity.

If you want to learn only what you need to know without wasting any valuable time, mentored learning may be right for you. New Horizons Dublin will assess your skills before class even begins, and customise a learning path to fill in any weak areas.

If there is a certain area you already know, mentored learning lets you fast-forward. You can also stop on areas where you need more attention.

After the course, assessments help track your progress and what knowledge you gained. Mentored learning allows you to immediately put what you know to action, increasing your productivity and value in the job market.

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Click here for our mentored learning course list

Student Testimony

The ability to focus on just the parts I need to work on most is a great advantage

I need a structured classroom setting to stay focused

I need flexibility in scheduling

Mentored Learning Time Table
Monday to Friday:  
- Morning 09:00 - 12:30
- Afternoon 13:30 - 17:00