iOS App Development Essentials

In this course you'll be shown a complete introduction to iPhone and iPad development, emphasizing the newest technologies and best practices for iOS.

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Course Details

Course Outline

1 - Introduction & Setup
  • Start Here
  • Joining the Apple iOS Developer Program
  • Installing Xcode and the iOS SDK
  • A Guided Tour of Xcode
  • An Introduction to Xcode Playgrounds
  • 2 - Swift Programming Language
  • Swift Data Types, Constants, and Variables
  • Swift Operators and Expressions
  • Swift Flow Control
  • The Swift Switch Statement
  • An Overview of Swift Functions
  • The Basics of Object Oriented Programming in Swift
  • An Introduction to Swift Subclassing and Extensions
  • Working with Array and Dictionary Collections in Swift
  • Understanding Error Handling in Swift
  • 3 - Views, Layouts, & Storyboards
  • iOS Application and Development Architecture
  • Creating an Interactive iOS App
  • Understanding Views, Windows and the View Hierarchy
  • An Introduction to Auto Layout in iOS
  • Working with iOS Auto Layout Constraints in Interface Builder
  • Implementing iOS Auto Layout Constraints in Code
  • Implementing Cross-Hierarchy Auto Layout Constraints in iOS
  • Understanding the iOS Auto Layout Visual Format Language
  • Using Trait Variations to Design Adaptive User Interfaces
  • Using Storyboards in Xcode
  • An Overview of iOS Table Views
  • Using Xcode Storyboards to Build Dynamic TableViews
  • Implementing TableView Navigation
  • Working with the iOS Stack View Class
  • A Guide to Multitasking in iOS
  • Implementing a Page based iOS Application using UIPageViewController
  • 4 - Data Storage with Files, iCloud, & Databases
  • Working with Directories in Swift on iOS
  • Working with Files in Swift on iOS
  • Preparing an iOS App to use iCloud Storage
  • Managing Files using the iOS UIDocument Class
  • Using iCloud Storage in an iOS Application
  • Synchronizing iOS Key-Value Data using iCloud
  • iOS Database Implementation using SQLite
  • Working with iOS Databases using Core Data
  • CloudKit Data Storage on iOS
  • 5 - Touch, Taps, & Gestures
  • An Overview of iOS Multitouch, Taps and Gestures
  • An Example iOS Touch, Multitouch and Tap Application
  • Detecting iOS Touch Screen Gesture Motions
  • Identifying Gestures using iOS Gesture Recognizers
  • iOS 3D Touch
  • Implementing TouchID Authentication in iOS Apps
  • 6 - Advanced View Options
  • Drawing iOS 2D Graphics with Core Graphics
  • Interface Builder Live Views and iOS Embedded Frameworks
  • Using Core Graphics and Core Image
  • iOS Animation using UIViewPropertyAnimator
  • iOS UIKit Dynamics
  • iOS Sprite Kit Programming
  • iOS Multitasking, Background Transfer Service and Fetching
  • iOS Application State Preservation and Restoration
  • Integrating Maps into iOS Applications
  • Getting Location Information using the iOS Core Location Framework
  • 7 - Extensions
  • An Introduction to Extensions in iOS
  • An iOS Today Extension Widget Tutorial
  • Creating an iOS Photo Editing Extension
  • Creating an iOS Action Extension
  • Receiving Data from an iOS Action Extension
  • Building iOS Message Apps
  • Using Event Kit to Create Date and Location Based Reminders
  • 8 - Multimedia and Social Media
  • Accessing the iOS Camera and Photo Library
  • iOS Video Playback using AVPlayer and AVPlayerViewController
  • An iOS Multitasking Picture in Picture Tutorial
  • Playing Audio on iOS using AVAudioPlayer
  • Recording Audio on iOS with AVAudioRecorder
  • iOS Speech Recognition
  • Introduction to SiriKit
  • Integrating Twitter and Facebook into iOS Applications
  • 9 - The App Store
  • Making Store Purchases with SKStoreProductViewController Class
  • Building In-App Purchasing into iOS Applications
  • Configuring and Creating App Store Hosted Content for iOS In-App Purchases
  • Preparing and Submitting an iOS Application to the App Store
  • Actual course outline may vary depending on offering center. Contact your sales representative for more information.

    Who is it For?

    Target Audience

    This course is intended for Developers and architects who will be developing applications for iOS devices.

    iOS App Development Essentials

    Course Length : 5 Days

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