IT Services Management Webinars

Join us throughout the months of June, July and August for an in-depth series of webinars focusing on all things IT Service Management. Hear from industry experts as they dive deep into the topics you need to know as you prepare to jump start your career and your organization to the next level!

Evolving IT: Meeting Today’s Challenges with ITIL 4

ITIL 4 is the latest evolution of the world’s most widely adopted IT Service Management Framework. In this webinar, Akshay Anand, the ITIL Product Ambassador from AXELOS Global Best Practice, will talk about the challenges ITSM faces in today’s fast-paced IT environment, and how ITIL 4 has been designed to meet those challenges.

Empower Your Team for the New ITSM

You've heard about "Digital Transformation" since 2017, but what does it really mean? Think about it. The way people communicate, the way business is conducted and the way customers consume technology is drastically changing. But what about IT and how it affects businesses internally? How can organizations empower their IT team to fit into this modern workplace?

IT has now become a critical part of a growing organization, having a stake in how a business can be run successfully and grow. Learn how you can be part of that transformation and feel empowered to be part of the IT change.

IT Service Management

Managing the complexities of Information Technology is critical to an organisation’s success. Understanding IT service life-cycles, following best practices, and understanding how to reap the benefits of a solid IT strategy are important to meeting the needs of your organisation.

With courses covering such topics as ITIL, DevOps, COBIT and more, the Center for Leadership and Development has what you need to succeed. From those new to IT Service Management through to experienced professionals, our expert training can prepare you to meet the ever-changing IT needs of your organisation.

Upcoming Dates

Course Starts Location Price
ITIL® Practitioner Certification 08-07-2019 Dublin, Ireland
ITIL® Practitioner Certification 25-07-2019 Dublin, Ireland

IT Services Management eBooks

6 Ways ITSM Automation is Changing Business 6 Ways ITSM Automation is Changing Business:
Here are 6 ways businesses are taking advantage of automation for IT service management.
10 Skills for ITSM Pros 10 Skills for ITSM Pros:
If you work in IT service management, these are the 10 skills you’ll need to be successful in the years ahead.
Modernizing ITSM Modernizing ITSM:
By being flexible enough to accommodate sudden and rapid changes, ITSM ensures that service and support practices and processes continually align with transforming business needs. Here are ways businesses are modernizing ITSM.

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