Business Training Courses

Business Training Courses at New Horizons Dublin

Today’s business managers and employees must have a complete and balanced skill set to be productive in their organisations and competitive in the marketplace.

New Horizons Dublin offers well-respected certification programs such as the Certified Business Analysis Professionals (CBAP) certification, Project Management Professional (PMP), PRINCE2, Six Sigma and others to assist organisations in successfully completing complex business projects. New Horizons Ireland is also an authorised trainer of SAP products.

In addition, New Horizons Dublin offers a wide variety of soft skills courses to help managers and employees effectively navigate the competitive global marketplace. 

Business Courses


Upcoming Course Dates

Course Starts Location Price
Business Writing 03-02-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Business Writing 14-02-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Business Writing 28-02-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Business Etiquette 06-02-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Business Etiquette 14-04-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Business Etiquette 19-06-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Customer Service 21-02-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Customer Service 17-03-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Customer Service 14-04-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Organizational Skills 31-01-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Organizational Skills 21-02-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Organizational Skills 16-03-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Time Management 28-01-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Time Management 06-02-2020 Dublin, Ireland
Time Management 18-02-2020 Dublin, Ireland
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