Training for the Unemployed with New Horizons Ireland

We here at New Horizons Ireland try our best to provide relevant courses for people who would like to enter the IT industry for the first time, or are looking to re-enter the IT industry. We therefore, occasionally run courses, which are usually fully funded and free of charge for the unemployed.

Keep an eye on our blog for the latest courses for the unemployed.

Alternatively you can contact us for details on the latest courses for the unemployed.

Technical Employment Support Grant (TESG)

We also work with FAS/Solas to provide suitable training courses and funding to suitable individuals & organisations. FAS/Solas have in place a number of schemes to aid unemployed people in attaining certifications. The Technical Employment Support Grant (TESG) is in place to do exactly that, aid people in entering or re-entering the job market by providing funding for relevant courses. Please contact your local FAS Employment Services Office to inquire about your eligibility for this grant.

In order to establish your eligibility for the TESG grant, please contact your local FAS / Solas office.


Latest Blog Article

17 Dec 2018

3D Models in Office 365

3D Models in Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is getting more and more creative in every new release. Automation is playing a big part in the new versions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint, it's bringing new features and endless options to make end user’s life easier and helping them to develop attractive documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The 3D models is one of these features and it can help you to illustrate your document or presentation in a much more appealing way.