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Why Instructor Led IT Training is Key to any Successful Company

The Power of an official Microsoft Training to Boost Performance and Results The Power of an official Microsoft Training to Boost Performance and Results
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Download our updated version of the State of IT Training Report

The 20-page report organised from New Horizons corporate combines responses from 1,500 IT managers and professionals worldwide to uncover key trends in IT talent development. The detailed research underscores the widening IT skills gaps that exist across growing areas such as software and application development, for example.

Key Findings From the Report Include:

  • 6 out of 10 respondents do not have a formal IT training program in place at their organizations.
  • Only 36 percent of respondents believe their IT training strategy is effective.
  • The most successful learning methods are instructor-led online courses, on-the-job training and instructor-led classroom courses.
  • Nearly 63 percent of decision-makers plan to increase or maintain their IT budget this year.
  • The largest IT skill gaps exist in software/app development, cybersecurity and cloud computing.
  • 88% of decision-makers agree that relevant vendor certifications are somewhat or very important when vetting IT candidates.


The Importance of IT training

Comprehensive IT training is more critical than ever. Businesses that don’t implement rigorous IT training programmes risk losing touch with modern technology developments – and subsequently falling behind the competition. Even though, constant professional development is a reality for IT professionals, only 36 percent of companies believe their IT training strategy is effective.

From 2017 to 2018, training expenditures in the United States decreased from $93.6 billion to $87.6 billion and this is a reality all over the world. A lack of adequate IT training can increase employee turnover and hurt productivity and innovation. The statics below explain itself:

  • 60 percent of organizations don’t have a formal strategy in place to address the IT skills gap.
  • Employees who feel like they can’t grow and develop in their company are 12 times more likely to leave.
  • Half of IT staff members struggle to find relevant training that meets their specific needs in their role.

Overcoming the Cost of IT Training

IT training is an investment and it brings countless benefits to the companies, such as an increase in job satisfaction and motivation, more efficient processes, lower turnover costs and better retention rates.

Productivity it’s also an important consequence of keeping IT staff skilled and updated on new technologies as shown by our State of IT Training Report: 

The long-term benefits of a skilled, trained workforce drastically outweigh the monetary costs. Trained IT employees can work more productively, solve problems faster, manage preventative maintenance and recommend new technologies that drive your business forward.

The Biggest Skill Gaps

It’s not a huge surprise that the 3 biggest skills gaps between IT professional’s capabilities and organizations’ technology needs are Software/application developers, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing. These 3 have been leading the IT market recently and will still trending in the upcoming years.

For software/application development, for example, the expectations are even higher as most of the businesses nowadays are overrun by software and applications. Those with 1,000-4,000 employees deploy an average of 44 custom applications today, according to McAfee.

Developing applications in-house is easier and cheaper than ever before. But companies struggle to secure the right talent to spin up custom software. 40 percent of respondents see software/application development as their biggest skills gap.


Live Online Training

Most of New Horizons IT training courses are run live online with are certified and very experienced instructors. The obvious advantage to live training is the personal interaction and increased engagement in the course over self-paced courses. Experienced instructors can add that personal touch and are of course able to answer specific questions or delve deeper into subjects that students might be struggling with.

Access From Anywhere

Live online training has the added advantage of easy access, you can attend the training from pretty much anywhere with an internet connection.

Classes Recorded

Live online courses are also recorded and students given access to recordings in order to go over any material where they may need a reminder.

Virtual Labs

New Horizons also provide practice labs in a virtual environment where students can put the teachings into practice in a safe environment, gaining valuable hands on experience.

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