How to be Cybersafe while Working from Home Tuesday, November 24, 20200

How to be Cybersafe while Working from Home

Covid-19 and remote work is leading to an unprecedented increase in cyber-attacks. A new study from VMWare shows that most businesses have seen an uptick in cyber-attacks since the pandemic took over the world. Remote work brings additional cybersecurity challenges as employees log on through their home networks or with personal devices that might not be as secure as office environments. Cybercriminals tend to be one step ahead and are also targeting the cloud, which most organizations are relying on to help facilitate remote work during the pandemic.

Cybersecurity Ultimate Tips to Keep you Protected Wednesday, October 7, 20200

Cybersecurity Ultimate Tips to Keep you Protected

The year 2020 has been particularly challenging as we are living in the middle of a pandemic, working from home or remotely which makes all of us an easy target for cyber-attacks and breaches. As October is the cybersecurity awareness month, we gathered a couple of tips and tricks from our cyber specialists to help you in the difficult mission of keeping your devices and your company cyber-safe.

Protect Your Data While Working at Home Monday, April 6, 20200

Protect Your Data While Working at Home

The Data Protection Commission Ireland published a couple of tips and orientations on how to keep your data protected when working from home or remotely. Cyberattacks still on the rise and using COVID-19 as a fishing technique to attract users and get what they want. So, now more than ever, it’s time to protect our devices and make sure that we are working from home in a safe way from both perspectives, from the company and its users.  

Simple Steps to Keep you Cybersafe Tuesday, January 28, 20200

Simple Steps to Keep you Cybersafe

Cybersecurity is the main concern for every company. It doesn’t require an enterprise to be big to be a potential target for a cyber-attack. Data shows that most of the attacks happen as a result of an end-user vulnerability or wrong actions. For example, 83 percent of global organisations experienced phishing attacks during 2018, according to Proofpoint, which analysed end-user responses to more than 130 million questions administered during email-security training over 14 months from January 2018.

How to implement a Cyber-Secure culture? Thursday, October 17, 20190

How to implement a Cyber-Secure culture?

Cybersecurity is an important topic in every organisation, it's a constant concern for IT leaders and it can be a headache for IT professionals in general. The end-users can be affected as well, as usually are the ones who tend to get trapped clicking where they shouldn’t and opening suspicious emails. So, why still so difficult to have a company culture focused on Cyber-safe actions and attitudes? The answer is Leadership.

IoT Devices and its Cyber risks Wednesday, September 25, 20190

IoT Devices and its Cyber risks

Internet of Things is a way without coming back. According to Gartner, there are over 8 billion connected “things” in use today, and the figure will top 20 billion by 2020, including over 7 billion specifically for business use. As organisations embark on digital transformation projects, bringing IoT devices closer to users’ reality, a new cyber risk emerges. How to keep those devices safe and control the potential cyber attacks?

Report Reveals the Major Cyber Breaches in 2019 Thursday, September 19, 20190

Report Reveals the Major Cyber Breaches in 2019

Check Point released their 2019 Mid-year report with the major cyber-attacks in 2019 revealing that European companies in general still at risk of cyber breaches and attacks, putting at risk sensitive information of billions of people. What characterizes 2019 is not the number of reported breaches, but rather their magnitude.

Our 26 Most Popular Courses This Year Wednesday, June 26, 20190

Our 26 Most Popular Courses This Year

The IT skilled professional shortage is a reality in the market while IT careers still on the rise. Almost every month companies are announcing new job opportunities in Dublin, which can create a positive and competitive scenario for who is already in the market. It’s also an attractive option for people starting or changing their careers. The searching process for a course can be hard, sometimes it’s difficult to decide which is the best path to follow at that specific moment.


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