The 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn Tuesday, October 2, 20180

The 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn

Programming IT Pros are in high demand all over the world and the opportunities will grow even more in the upcoming years. Every recruitment website shows thousands of open opportunities for Programmers or Developers. There are also different programming languages required, some of them are more popular and others are more specific, according to the type of development. The truth is that a Programming career can be a good entry door for those looking to start in the IT market and get a job as soon as possible.

Why you should learn to code Wednesday, June 13, 20180

Why you should learn to code

According to Rob Jones, New Horizons Director of Corporate Services learn to code is a way to get into to the IT market quickly and guarantee that your knowledge will be worldwide accepted and in huge demand. Doesn’t matter where you are coding skills are in high needed all over the world and it will increase even more in the years ahead.


The Most In Demand Coding Jobs Tuesday, August 22, 20170

The Most In Demand Coding Jobs

Developer careers are not a new trend in IT, in the recent years, the demand for programmers in the IT industry has gone up and up. According to Glassdoor Ireland, the average web developer can earn is between €25,000-€53,000. One of the reasons of this boom is the mobile phone sector and the requirement for more apps and the fact that developers can easily transit into web and mobile development.  


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