New Programming Courses at New Horizons Ireland

Java, Oracle and Android are some of our options to qualify yourself

New Programming courses at New Horizons Ireland 

Programming professionals are in high demand all over the world and there is no sign of this trend changing in the future, as the businesses are more and more relying on apps and software. At New Horizons Ireland we provide a wide range of programming courses. We just launched a brand-new series of courses focus on Oracle, Java and Android

The new courses are Instructor led, which means that you will have a chance to interact with your classmates and exchange experience with them during the training. Our instructors are highly qualified, certified and bring experience from the field into the classroom. The courses can be delivered privately on your premises or here in our Dublin 1 classrooms. We also have online options for some courses with all the flexibility to provide the best option for your company.

Upcoming courses

Oracle DBA – 5 days training – (10/05/2018 – 15/05/2018) 

Java Programming – 5 days training – (15/05/2018 – 20/05/2018) 

Android App Development Basic – 3 days training – (13/06/2018 – 16/06/2018) 

Oracle SQL and PL/SQL – 7 days training – (05/09/2018 – 12/09/2018) 


Check out all our list of Programming courses and choose the best option for you.  

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