NEW COURSE: CyberSAFE - Securing Assets for the End User

  • 8 May 2017
  • Author: Liam Phelan
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According to research by, end-user awareness and training can reduce security-related risks by 45% to 70%. By end user we mean all the staff at your company who simply use a computer or device to access company data or networks. That means huge reduction in security risks can be achieved by utilising our CyberSAFE training and you can avoid most of the common cyber security issues that affect the majority of companies. New Horizons Ireland has partnered with Logical Operations to provide the best course in security for your employees. The 4 hour training CyberSAFE (Securing Assets for the End User) is available and prepare the students to face all related problems that might happen.

Regardless of your industry, this course will meet the needs of all kinds of organisations, irrespective of size, business, or geographic location.

Why invest in a New Horizons CyberSAFE course for end-users?

CyberSAFE allows your organisation to increase their security quickly and with minimal investment by ensuring that end-users are equipped with the knowledge necessary to be good stewards of their organisations data.

This course is designed for non-technical end-users of computers, mobile devices, networks, and the Internet, enabling employees of any organisation to use technology more securely to minimise digital risks.

Students will identify many of the common risks involved in using conventional end-user technology, as well as ways to use it safely, to protect themselves and their organisations from those risks.

This course is designed to prepare students for the Certified CyberSAFE credential. Students can obtain their Certified CyberSAFE certificate by completing the Certified CyberSAFE credential process on the platform after completing this training.

Main benefits of the CyberSAFE course at New Horizons

It has been shown that computer end-users play a critical role in protecting an organisations network. When employees have been trained and made aware of the risks, the chances of cyber attacks can be drastically reduced. The course provides the knowledge necessary to recognise an attempted breach and helps to develop and understand basic social engineering tactics. Once the employee has learned how to use devices correctly, such as choosing one safe password, protecting critical data, browse the internet safely and using email in a safer way, they will be more likely to help the company building the security process.

Qualify your team at New Horizons Ireland, we have the best security instructors and infrastructure to help you. Check our availability, we are ready to make the best effort to meet your company’s needs.

Check out all our Security Courses. We have a range of trainings from different vendors and levels to qualify your team. 

Check out CyberSAFE course outline here

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