New Cisco CCNA Exam From February 2020

Cisco releases major changes in the certification suite, and changes its entire program.

Cisco officially announced the first major change in its entire certification program in 26 years of life. The CCNA -Cisco Certified Network Associate will suffer the main impact. On February 24, 2020, Cisco will release a new, consolidated CCNA exam. If you have started your CCNA preparation and studies, we recommend taking the exams before February 24, if you earn the certification until there you will receive the new CCNA certification badge.  

The new CCNA was designed to prepare IT professionals for associate-level IT job roles. The new version of the exam will validate a broader range of skills and knowledge. It will cover networking and security fundamentals, automation and programmability. Another main change besides the content is the fact that will be just ONE exam. Candidates will be required to take only the Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-3010 CCNA) exam.  

The new CCNA version is expected to be broken down as below: 
  • Network Fundamentals: 20% 
  • Network Access: 20% 
  • IP Connectivity: 25% 
  • IP Services: 10% 
  • Security Fundamentals: 15% 
  • Automation and Programmability: 10%  

It means that the CCNA is now the fundamental level for all Cisco careers available. After achieving their CCNA they can mix and match the specialization path that wants to follow amongst the Cisco Certified Specialist careers. The change aims to bring more agility for an IT market in constant movement. New job-roles are created every year and the Cisco certification program is adjusting its model to reflect the trends.  

The new CCNA (200-3010 CCNA) exam will replace the below current certifications:  
  • CCNA Cloud 
  • CCNA Collaboration 
  • CCNA Cyber Ops 
  • CCNA Data Centre 
  • CCDA 
  • CCNA Industrial 
  • CCNA Routing and Switching 
  • CCNA Security 
  • CCNA Service Provider 
  • CCNA Wireless 

If you already earned your CCENT - Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician, for example, and is preparing yourself for the CCNA, you have until February 24, 2020, to earn a current CCNA certification. After that, you will need to take the new exam to earn the CCNA badge. We strongly recommend our students in their CCNA process to take the exams before February 2020 to guarantee their exam reflects what they have studied and be granted with the new badge.  

Below you can see a sneak peek of how the Cisco Certification Path will look like from February 2020. The image below was shown at the Cisco Live in San Diego, on the 10 of June 2019 during the Cisco CEO keynote speech.  

Moving forward in the Cisco career path the multiple tracks will be replaced by specialization focused on job-roles. In the new program, CCNP Routing and Switching certification will be replaced by the CCNP Enterprise certification and then the IT professional can mix and match specific skills which they need to develop and get certified on it. The CCIE still reflecting the highest level of a Cisco Engineering career, but the content and requirements will change as well. From the software perspective, the Cisco Certified DevNet Expert will be the top of the career path.

New software certifications will be released as well to guarantee the professionals are ready for the constant demand for automation and programming. According to Cisco, the new DevNet path will cover at least 20% of networking knowledge in an attempt to close the gap between developers and network professionals. By the way, when it comes to automation and network the two careers are getting closer and closer to meet the demand from the companies.  

As the new Cisco major release approaches, we will publish more certification updates and details about courses and exams. Keep accessing our blog for more information.  

You can check more information about the CCNA new program at the Cisco website by clicking here

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