Microsoft Certification Paths 2019

Microsoft released recently the last update for their certification program in 2019

  • 19 December 2018
  • Author: Liam Phelan
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As happens almost every year Microsoft has updated their Certification program for 2019, releasing new exams and courses to keep the IT pros on topic with new certification paths. The updates are designed to reflect the reality that the professionals are facing in the market. They follow the industry trends and lead the candidates to a higher level of expertise in the path that they choose. The major changes are related to the Azure program, which now is organised by roles.

Microsoft Azure Certification Program 2019

According to Microsoft the big reason for the change in the Azure program is to demonstrate a better align the certifications towards the job roles professionals in the workplace are working in. The existing certification exams for Microsoft Azure are broad in topics and cover wide range of skills that are difficult for most professionals to master. The Azure certification program is divided into 3 levels – Associate, Expert, and MCSA – as you can see below.

MCSA: Data Engineering with Azure

MCSA Data Engineering with Azure




Click below to download the Azure Certification Paths 2019 PDF.


Microsoft Certification Program 2019

Besides the new changes for Azure, most of the Microsoft certifications were also reorganised with new courses and exams. We explain below the paths in detail.

Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

The Cloud Platform and Infrastructure is divided into 5 options:

MCSA Windows Server 2012

MCSA Windows Server 2016

MCSA Office 365

MCSE Core Infrastructure

To achieve this certification, you need to hold a MCSA Server 2012 or Server 2016 and one of below course and exam.

MCSE Productivity Solutions Expert

To achieve this certification, you need to hold a MCSA Server 2012 or MCSA Server 2016 or MCSA Office 365 and one of below course and exam.

App Builder

The App builder certification is now divided into 3 different paths:

MCSA Universal Windows Platform

MCSA Web Applications

MCSD App  Builder 

To achieve this certification, you need to hold a MCSA and below course and exam.

Data Management & Analytics

The Data Management and Analytics certification is now divided into 8 different paths:

MCSA Data Engineering with Azure

MCSA Machine Learning

MCSA SQL 2016 BI Development

MCSA SQL 2016 Database Admin

MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development

MCSE Data Management and Analytics

To achieve this certification, you need to hold a MCSA and one of below course and exam that you have not already completed.

Click below to download the Microsoft Certification Paths 2019 PDF.


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