How to Redeem Microsoft Software Assurance – SATV Training Vouchers

Follow the guide below to know how to use your SATV vouchers

Update - SATV scheme is ending soon!

How long do customers have to use their existing vouchers?

  • February 1, 2020 - Azure content will be removed from the voucher course list beginning.
  • February 1, 2020 - Training vouchers can no longer be converted to planning services days.
  • February 1, 2021 - Customers will no longer accrue training voucher days.
  • New contracts after this date won’t have any training vouchers assigned and existing contracts won’t receive any additional training vouchers.
  • Customers can continue to redeem any accrued training days as vouchers for non-Azure content until January 1, 2022

More information

Microsoft Software Assurance is a comprehensive maintenance program that can help customers gain control of their technology strategy, improve IT staff skills, decrease support spending, and effectively plan for new software deployments.

As part of the program, customers receive free training vouchers on selected instructor-led courses designed by Microsoft and delivered by Microsoft Certified Partners. Training vouchers must be activated before they can be redeemed for Microsoft training. New Horizons Ireland is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner through whom you can utilise your Microsoft Software Assurance training vouchers, if your company holds them.

The program is designed to help customers realize the full value of their Software Investment, by offering a range of benefits including but not limited to the following:

  • Easier Budgeting & Spreading Payments Annually
  • Desktop Deployment Planning Services
  • Technical Training Vouchers
  • 24x7 Problem Resolution Support
  • Virtual PC Express
  • New Version Rights
  • eLearning

A Customer who purchases Software Assurance membership with their Open, Select or Enterprise Agreements can access these benefits via their Microsoft Volume Licensing System (MVLS).

Training Vouchers by Microsoft Learning

With the Software Assurance Training voucher benefit, organisations of all sizes can get greater efficiency through Instructor Led training at any CPLS (Certified Partner for Learning Solutions) Worldwide. Qualifying organisations receive one free day of training for each voucher redeemed. These vouchers are for designated courses and must be redeemed during the licence agreement. Your Benefits Administrator will need to activate the vouchers through Microsoft Volume Licensing Services (MVLS) and assign them to individuals in your organisation.

As the largest network of Gold Certified Partners for Learning Solutions (CPLS) in the world, the New Horizons network has enjoyed a productive partnership with Microsoft for many years. One way that the New Horizons network has worked collaboratively with Microsoft is in the area of Software Assurance benefits.

By utilising SA Training Vouchers, you will remain current on Microsoft technologies, and ahead of the competition.

To book the course at New Horizons Ireland using Software Assurance Vouchers - SATV, we require the following:

  • Microsoft Software Assurance Training Voucher number (example - 9C5E-00CA)
  • Name and email address of the delegate who would like to attend the training
  • Course they would like to attend
  • Dates they would like to attend
  • Contact phone number

4 Simple Steps to Redeeming Training Vouchers

1 - Eligible: When your organization signs an IW or Client licensing agreement with Microsoft that includes Software Assurance for Volume Licensing, you are allotted a specific number of Training Days via the Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV) (dependent on the number of licenses you purchased.)

2 - Activate: Your Benefits Administrator will view the Microsoft Volume License Services Web site to activate your company’s Training Voucher benefits. Its only has to be Activated once and the entire amount of training days allotted to your organisation will be activated for utilisation.

3 - Assign: Once its Activated, your Benefits Administrator Assigns Training Vouchers to employees, entering the employee name, corporate email address, and number of days the voucher is worth. After being Assigned, the employee has 180 days to use the voucher before it Expires.

4 - Reserve: The employee chooses a Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS) – New Horizons Ireland - offering the course they want to take. They must provide their voucher details in order to be validated and Reserved in the CPLS SATV Tool (VVR). If the 180-day voucher Assignment window extends past the company license contract expiration date, the employee must have a CPLS Reserve the voucher before the contract ends to keep the voucher for the entire 180 days.

Important Details you Should Know

Eligible Licenses: All licensing agreements are eligible for the Software Assurance Training Benefit EXCEPT for: Open License, Select License, Academic Open License, Academic Select License, Campus Agreement, School Agreement, SPLA, and ISV.

Cancelled: If an employee has Reserved a voucher at a CPLS and then decides not to take the course for whatever reason, they must contact the CPLS (New Horizons Ireland) in order to Cancel the voucher which would then move it back into Assigned status (unless the licensing agreement as expired). A Benefits Administrator cannot Revoke the voucher from Reserved status.

Revoked: Once the voucher is Assigned, your Benefits Administrator can Revoke it back into your company pool of days and re-Assign it to someone else.

Voucher Expiration: A voucher is only valid for 180 days after it is assigned. When the company contract expires, any unreserved vouchers and/or days left in the company pool) will expire. Vouchers Reserved (only performed by a CPLS) before the contract Expires can be used by the original end date. (180 days from Assigned date).

Benefit days vs. Course days: If the Benefits Administrator creates a voucher worth more days than the course lasts, the extra days automatically revert to the company pool once the voucher is paid by the vendor, or the Benefits Administrator can Revoke the voucher (if it hasn’t already been Reserved) and re-create it for the employee with the exact number of days. If the voucher doesn’t cover all the course days, the employee must pay the CPLS (New Horizons Ireland) the difference.

Employee responsibility: The employee will receive an e-mail with the details about the voucher (length of voucher, voucher number, expiration date, etc) and must be aware of voucher expiration as well as the company contract expiration date.

*The text above is based on the information provided by Microsoft in this link.

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