How to Import Data from PDF into Excel

Check our quick tutorial on how to import data from a PDF file into Excel

There are a couple of ways and hacks available online on how to import data from a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet. If you have an Adobe Acrobat license the journey is easier. If you don’t have one check the simple tutorial below to learn how you can easily import a table from a PDF file into excel without bringing the rest of the content and messing up your data.

1 – Click on "Data" on the top of the taskbar and then the option "Get Data".


2 – Once you have clicked on "Get Data", you will see the menu to import the data. Select the first option "From File" and then "From PDF".


3 – You will be prompted to select the file that you wish to import. Once you have selected the PDF file a pop-up window will identify all the pages of the document, navigate to the page where the table you wish to import is located and select it. A preview of the table will be displayed on the right side. If you are happy with it, click "Load" to import into Excel.


4 – Your table will be imported into the Excel spreadsheet. You may need to adjust the column’s names, etc.


Watch the video below from Microsoft to see the whole action 

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