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Helpful new features in the Microsoft Office - Spring 2018

Photoshop new feature – Select and Mask workspace Photoshop new feature – Select and Mask workspace
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A selection of tips to help you to master your Office skills and boost your CV

Based on the suggestions and the feedback that the Microsoft team gets every day from it's users and the Microsoft community, they are always working to improve the features. Below you can see a selection of these improvements made in Microsoft Word.

Creativity and Teamwork

Since the launch Office 365 has been constantly updating. The last AI-powered features were designed to improve the process of content creation.

Microsoft Word – Improve your writing with Editor

The new Editor overview pane in Microsoft Word brings together a set of tools to optimise the process of editing and finishing your work. While you’re editing a document, Editor overview shows a summary of opportunities for enhancing with corrections, refinements, and stylistic suggestions that consider the context of the overall document, allowing you to make changes linearly or by category.

Boost your CV with the LinkedIn feature 

If you want to boost your CV, Microsoft Word can help you in this task. A new feature connected with the LinkedIn allows you to find inspiration and the best expressions related to your profession to improve your CV. The resume assistant helps job seekers showcase accomplishments, be more easily discovered by recruiters, and find their ideal job.

First open your CV or start to build it with your details.

To launch the feature, go to Review > CV Assistant on the right corner of the toolbar.

It will open the CV assistant box on the right of your document. The list will be related to the role that you have written in your CV.

You can filter the examples of the top skills related to that role, according to LinkedIn. You can use the work description suggested to boost your CV according of what the LinkedIn algorithm understands that suits you.

The most important is to use this feature to be inspired and not just copy and paste the information. You must adapt the results of the search to your own experience.  

Microsoft Teams

When the Microsoft Teams started just the users with an Azure Active Directory could benefit of the feature. From now anyone with a business or consumer email address can participate as a guest. Including and When you invite someone as a guest they have full access to team chats, meetings, and files.

It is a helpful tool if you are working on a project and need to share documents, such as word files, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. Microsoft team allows people to work together, collaborate and being more productive in a couple of clicks.

Develop your Office skills

At New Horizons Ireland we provide a wide range of Microsoft Office courses to boost your Office skills and make your corporate life easier. If you prefer to learn from our expert instructor’s team have a look at our options and qualify yourself.

If you aren’t sure which is the best option for you call one of our Account Managers and book your FREE TRAINING AUDIT with our instructor team.

Complimentary Office Skills Assessment

Looking to find out what level of Excel, Word or PowerPoint you need to enrol in or simply looking to find out your level of expertise in Office? Well click the link below and take the test no, completely obligation free.

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