Global shortage of cloud computing talents

A recent survey in the UK found out that more than half of the IT decision makers are experiencing difficulty to hire Cloud professionals

  • 16 April 2018
  • Author: Liam Phelan
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There is little doubt at IT pros are currently currently in demand all over the world, some of them more than others. One particularly in demand IT professional are the cloud computing professionals. A recent survey in London found out that companies are losing money due to a lack of specific cloud expertise. The shortage of professionals it is also a problem considering that cloud computing and virtualization are essential technologies in the modern work environment.

The report, compiled by cloud hosting provider Rackspace and the London School of Economics, polled 950 IT decision makers and 950 IT pros and found nearly three quarters of IT decision makers (71%) believed their organisations have lost revenue due to a lack of cloud expertise.

Also, the survey found 65% believed they could bring greater innovation to their company with “the right cloud insight.” And 85% said greater expertise within their organisation would help them recoup the return on their cloud investment.

To recruit the right professional to manage the cloud projects it is also a difficulty for some companies, as said by 46% of IT decision makers interviewed in the survey. Some of the areas where the lack of professionals is more evident are migration project management, native cloud app development, cloud security, etc.  

With business now using an average of eight different cloud services, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware, Citrix, etc the problem will be even worse in the future. A skilled professional is essential to make the most of whichever cloud service which the company is using, otherwise they are adding complexity to their environment and not seeing the benefits.

Lack of cloud professionals

The same study also found out that nearly three quarters (71 percent) of IT decision makers report that their organisations have lost revenue due to a lack of cloud expertise, according to the study ‘The cost of cloud expertise report’ commissioned by Rackspace and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

They also highlighted the need for cloud certification. Beyond innovation and growth, four in ten (42 percent) IT decision makers believe a lack of skills is causing a lag in their organisation’s ability to deploy cloud platforms. The majority (71 percent) also believes they need to invest more in their workforce to meet the developmental challenges of cloud computing.

Despite the lack of experts, the companies that already have moved all or part of their IT state to the cloud are seeing the benefits of it. 48% of the respondents say their organisation has already seen a positive ROI (return on investment) on using the cloud. It means that cloud is not just the future, it is something that the companies are already experiencing benefits from.
In the coming years, the need of cloud professionals is bound to grow as companies realise that cloud professionals are essential for the business improvement. Enterprises and small businesses will continue to adopt and invest in cloud technology. Cisco’s Global Cloud Index whitepaper shows global cloud IP traffic will almost quadruple over the next five years.

Most in-demand cloud skills

Part of the company’s problem is the fact that is difficult to recruit the right IT pros for the role. The report exposed the most in-demand cloud skills according to the IT decision makers who answer the survey, which are migration project management, cloud security, and native cloud app development. A simple search by IT cloud in Ireland in the websites and result in more than 1.000 of job opportunities in total. For who is thinking about a specialisation for now and for the future cloud is something to consider.

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