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  • 24 October 2017
  • Author: Liam Phelan
  • Number of views: 2709

How easy it is to hack a website and how to prevent it

Did you know that some website can be hacked simply by typing the right kind of code into the search box? It’s called XXS hacking and is demostrated in the video below.


The video above to a demo from our Ethical Hacking Foundation Course certified by SECO. New Horizons Ireland has partnered with the SECO - Institute to offer to our students the best course options in Cybersecurity. SECO is Europe’s leading certification body and provider of the Cyber Security & Governance Certification Program and now with New Horizons Ireland, they are bringing their years of expertise to the Irish market.

Staying Secure

Cybersecurity has been a concern in all kinds of business generating a loss of profit year after year. The best way to be ready to confront the attacks and breaches is to invest in constant training and knowledge.

Why invest in Ethical Hacking?

  • To build a computer system that prevents hackers’ access and safeguard system and information from malicious attack
  • To manage adequate preventive measures to avoid security breaches
  • To safeguard user or customer information available in business transactions and visits
  • To test networks at regular intervals
  • To create security awareness at all levels in a business

Ethical Hacking Certification Paths

One of the courses that we are offering is the Ethical Hacking certification path. The ethical hacking training has been popular around the world as they proved to be an effective way to help the companies to overcome their vulnerabilities and make all their systems much safer. To stop a hacker, one needs to think like one and this is what ethical hacking is all about.

Ethical Hacking Foundation

In the first course Ethical Hacking Foundation, is for those who take interest in Ethical Hacking with little knowledge of the technical aspects. Students acquire a comprehensive overview of all the aspects of ethical hacking. It covers basic principles as well as current technologies and trends, allowing students to quickly achieve an understanding of what ethical hacking is and how it can affect organisations. Some of the topics during the 2-day course include sniffing, wi-Fi cracking, basic hacking, web-based hacking (SQL, XXS), capture the flag, aircrack-NG suite, netcat, SQLMap, metasploit, Nmap, Ncrack, etc.

No technical expertise required

There is no prerequisite for the first Ethical Hacking course, it was designed for those who need to get the basics of Ethical Hacking quickly.

Below you can check the two Ethical Hacking courses that we are offering in Dublin.

If you aren’t sure which is the best path for your career development you can talk to one of our Account Managers, they are ready to lead you through the best IT option.


Hacking tools prevention free seminar

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