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Presenter Coach is the new feature available for Microsoft PowerPoint

Presentation skills had become a must-have in any work environment. It doesn’t matter your job position; at some point, you will be required to deliver a presentation. And there is nothing worse than don’t feel confident about your ability to deliver it properly. At New Horizons Ireland we have been teaching Microsoft PowerPoint classes for more than 16 years and the best ally to achieve success as a presenter is by combining a deep knowledge about all PowerPoint tools and presentation skills.

In its recent versions Microsoft PowerPoint has evolved and after each update is bringing more AI features, which aim to help the users in the design and presentation part. The last feature is the Presenter Coach - a new feature that will train you to improve your presentation and public speaking skills. 

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The presenter coach considers the basic principle that practice leads to perfection. Everybody has their personal and different style; you don’t need to be a public speaker expert to develop your ability to give powerful presentations. Training and feedback are essential to help people gain confidence and improve their public speaking abilities, and the Presenter Coach in PowerPoint is a feature to help you in this journey.

The presenter coach uses AI technology and integrated best practices to build up your presentation skills. The tool allows you to enter in rehearsal mode, providing on-screen guidance for pacing, inclusive language, use of swearing, filler words and culturally insensitive phrases. At the end of each session, a detailed report with metrics for additional practice is also provided.

In the language feedback, the presenter will get an idea of how is using filler words, such as “um” or “uh”, so they can try to correct it in the next rehearsal. The AI feature also can catch culturally insensitive phrases and if the presenter is just reading the slides.

One of the greatest things about the presenter coach is the fact that acts as your personal guru, working on your weak points and reinforcing the strong ones. The report, available at the end of each rehearsal gives you a more precise idea of how much time you are spending in each slide and how your presentation is flowing. With time and practice, you will deliver more engaging presentations.

The tool will be available on PowerPoint for the web version later this summer.

More Upcoming Features

In addition to helping with your presentation, PowerPoint will also have some new design tools to ensure your slides will look their absolute best. Since the introduction of the Design tool, PowerPoint has been getting and better at predicting options which will make your presentations look good and have a smoother flow. 

Now, the introduction of the theme ideas in the Designer will make starting a presentation from scratch even easier. Fire up a blank presentation, enter words on to the slide, and that’s it – Designer will kick in and recommend a selection of new high-quality photographs that reflect the slide text, along with theme styles and complementary colours.

These photos are fully licensed for commercial use and are coupled with one of PowerPoint’s high-quality themes and a corresponding colour palette to easily create visually impactful presentations with minimal effort. Designer theme ideas is rolling out now in PowerPoint for Windows, Mac, and on the web for Office 365 subscribers.

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Free Microsoft PowerPoint Skills Assessment

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