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Check out the main Cyberattacks which are rising this year and be aware of the risks to your company

  • 21 September 2018
  • Author: Suellen Machado
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When it comes to Cybersecurity there is no room to escape, every company is exposed to some level of risk. Information in this case is the key to identify attacks and act fast, so impacts on the business can be avoided. Having said that, be aware of the threats is essential to help protect the network and keep the IT Security team aware of the main cyber threats. Year after year the attacks are more frequent and well developed. In 2018 it hasn’t been different; more than 600 data breaches have been reported so far. The diverse strains of malware and their authors have proven to be capable of much more, with sophistication with a new level of agility.

We gathered a list of Cyberattacks that are giving headache for the companies’ cybersecurity teams.

The next level of Cryptominers

Cryptominer was one of the main cyber-attacks that dominated the malware family during the first half of the year. Cryptominers affected over 42% of organisations worldwide, compared to 20.5% at the end of 2017. Since January, a variety of new attack methods have surfaced, leveraging the potential that lies in cryptocurrency trading systems. These methods include virtual wallet and credential theft, cryptocurrency transaction maneuvering, as well as ICO (Initial Coin Offering) scams that lure victims to invest in a fake premature cryptocurrency.

Cloud Computing Threats

The cloud computing technologies are in high demand, it is almost impossible to identify an enterprise which is not using a kind of cloud application. The cloud changed the way that businesses in general manage, store and share their data, applications, and workloads. The benefits of the cloud are unquestionable, but the cloud infrastructure also introduces a new and attractive environment for attackers who crave the enormous amount of available computing resources and sensitive data it holds. So, extra attention needs to be added in this scenario.

Desktop and Mobile Attacks

Multi-platform attacks are due to rise. In 2017 they weren’t so relevant, but during 2018 they are increasing in quantity and sophistication. The increase of the cross-platform malware tends to grow even more as we see more quantity of consumer-connected devices and the growing market share of operating systems. The proliferation of smartphones and all integrated applications, potential victims are no longer using single endpoints, but rather several fully connected devices and services. Therefore, this creates a more vulnerable environment.

Mobile Malware

Mobile malware isn’t a novelty, with the constant increase rates for smartphone adoption isn’t a surprise the emerging threats.  In March 2018, it was revealed that a widespread mobile botnet  dubbed “RottenSys,” infected nearly five million Android devices. RottenSys, disguised as a legitimate “System Wi-Fi service” app, came preinstalled on millions of smartphones manufactured by leading brands.

The fact that almost all our personal and business life is vulnerable to some level of cyberattack is scary. The only way to slow down the risks is being aware of the threats and how to deal with it. Cybersecurity specialists believe that mobile preinstalled malware and the constant rise of mobile apps will increase even more and bring different kinds of cyber risks for the users.  

Attacks on Universities and Public Organisations

The US Department of Justice prosecuted nine Iranian hackers for attacking more than 300 universities across the globe, several public organisations and 47 private ones. Just one group organised all these attacks, using for most of them phishing techniques to trick university staff into clicking malicious links and providing network login credentials. The attacks focused mainly on intellectual property.

Since 2016 intellectual property theft at British Universities had doubled, according to a report from The Times. Universities are in general an easy target as they run open networks, which make them vulnerable and easy to access.

Data Exposure

Data exposure has been in the spotlight in 2018, Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, GDPR regulations in Europe, and more. According to the Wired magazine companies should be even more concerned about data exposure as the penalties for the data breaches are becoming more common and feasible in some Countries.

To mention one example, in June 2018, security researcher Vinny Troia discovered a file, tt contained almost 340 million records belonging to US citizens, with phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses and other personal characteristics compromised. The database also included information about millions of organisations.

*The article below is based on the source: "Cyberattack Trends: 2018 Mid-Year Report.", 2018 and on this weblink from Wired

*Free Image from @rawpixel

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