Windows 11 - What You Need To Know Tuesday, August 10, 20210

Windows 11 - What You Need To Know

Windows 11 is a successor to Windows 10 and boasts slicker design and new features to increase productivity. Actually the users interface looks fairly different to Windows 10.

Microsoft Certification Paths 2021 Tuesday, July 20, 20210

Microsoft Certification Paths 2021

As happens almost every year Microsoft has updated its Certification program for 2021, releasing new exams and courses to keep the IT pros on topic with new certification paths. The updates are designed to reflect the reality that the professionals are facing in the market. They follow the industry trends and lead the candidates to a higher level of expertise in the path that they choose.

Latest Azure Certifications 2021 Saturday, July 17, 20210

Latest Azure Certifications 2021

Building your Microsoft Azure expertise can jumpstart your career. Whether you’re just getting started or are looking to take your skills to the next level, we have resources to get you where you want to go.

The Power of an official Microsoft Training to Boost Performance and Results Thursday, April 22, 20210

The Power of an official Microsoft Training to Boost Performance and Results

In a competitive environment training and upskilling can be the driver of the change. Adding to the equation an economic scenario reshaped by a pandemic, the power of qualification it’s even more visible. Competition brings more players to the table, which means quality needs to be assured. You need to guarantee that your training investments will deliver the expected results. That’s when an official training partner makes the difference.

How to Redeem Microsoft Software Assurance – SATV Training Vouchers Thursday, February 25, 20210

How to Redeem Microsoft Software Assurance – SATV Training Vouchers

Microsoft Software Assurance is a comprehensive maintenance program that can help customers gain control of their technology strategy, improve IT staff skills, decrease support spending, and effectively plan for new software deployments. The program is ending soon, check the timeline below to understand the key dates and learn how to redeem your company's vouchers. 

What is Microsoft Power Platform? Wednesday, February 10, 20210

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Efficiency is key for sustained success across organizations and industries, especially as everyone is looking for new ways of working to be more adaptable and resilient to change. This brings us to the Microsoft Power Platform, a solution to analyse data, build solutions, automate processes, create virtual agents, and considered by many in the industry the best app creator. 

Microsoft Teams – Meetings, Chats, Channels, Calls, and New Features Tuesday, February 2, 20210

Microsoft Teams – Meetings, Chats, Channels, Calls, and New Features

Since its launch, Microsoft Teams is gaining more and more attention. The success is a result of the useful features and easy integration. The application is basically a hub for teamwork integrating tools and capabilities to help works in their daily routine. It’s the primary client for Intelligent Communications in Office 365, replacing Skype for Business Online over time. Teams is under constant update and improvements with new tools and features available. Our latest blog post reveals the new features available to start this 2021. 

Microsoft 365 - What is New Friday, July 17, 20200

Microsoft 365 - What is New

Microsoft 365 is the productivity cloud that brings together best-in-class Office apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security. It basically integrates everything that you need in one place. Different devices can be synced to guarantee you a great experience working from the office or remotely anywhere. In this article, we are sharing new features announced by Microsoft for Microsoft 365 and developers.


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