Printing from Excel - 3 useful things to know Wednesday, October 27, 20210

Printing from Excel - 3 useful things to know

Tips for helping data fit on one page, or better manage how it looks across multiple pages. Check these 3 tips to reduce mutli-page printing issues.

How to Import Data from PDF into Excel Friday, February 26, 20210

How to Import Data from PDF into Excel

There are a couple of ways and hacks available online on how to import data from a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet. If you have an Adobe Acrobat license the journey is easier. If you don’t have one check the simple tutorial below to learn how you can easily import a table from a PDF file into excel without bringing the rest of the content and messing up your data.

Excel Tips and Tricks from our Experts Thursday, January 28, 20210

Excel Tips and Tricks from our Experts

In the article below we addressed a couple of our latest Excel tips to help you to work faster using Excel in your daily routine. You will learn how to deselect cells or a range from a current selection, how to quick analyse data in Excel, to add a conditional column, and finally add a column from an example.

Excel Courses for Advanced Users Monday, November 12, 20180

Excel Courses for Advanced Users

When it comes to Microsoft Excel advanced courses there are a wide range of options to follow according to your expertise and focus. Paths such as pivot tables and lookups are the most popular ones and data analysis with Excel and SQL are even more advanced and can help you in your daily activities and reports. It doesn’t matter your industry and role; Excel advanced skills will make the difference in your career.

Excel Courses for Beginners Thursday, November 8, 20180

Excel Courses for Beginners

Improving your Microsoft Excel skills are a great way to add value to your career and in a crowded market this can make a huge difference. Even if you aren’t looking for a new job, you would probably appreciate to be promoted. The skill that is more likely to increase 4 times your salary is to master Microsoft Excel, according to a study conducted by the BPM Partners.

Our Best Excel Quick Tips & Shortcuts Wednesday, August 22, 20180

Our Best Excel Quick Tips & Shortcuts

So our Office Instructors are sometimes willing to part with their little nuggets of knowledge that they regularly share in the classroom with their students. So we have put together 10 of the best Excel Quick Tips for you to enjoy without having to sit through the training course.

But if you do decide you would like to speed up your Excel processes, learn lots of Excel shortcuts, or just refresh your Office skills, then get in touch today.

New Features for Excel Online Wednesday, August 22, 20180

New Features for Excel Online

Microsoft has been constant improving the online experience for Excel. From a basic spreadsheet viewer tool, it became a proper spreadsheet editor which you can use from any computer with an internet connection and share with your colleagues.

Increase your Excel productivity with insights Wednesday, June 27, 20180

Increase your Excel productivity with insights

When it comes to data Microsoft Excel it’s probably the most popular application in almost every office in the world. Microsoft has been working hard in the recent years to bring more and more intelligence features to their products. The Excel insights is a result of this effort and can help you to accelerate your end-to-end workflow, from connecting and shaping data to understand, analysing, visualizing, and forecasting intricate information.


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