How to Start and AWS Career and Get AWS Certified Wednesday, June 24, 20200

How to Start and AWS Career and Get AWS Certified

AWS Cloud professionals are in high demand, together with Microsoft Azure they are leading the cloud computing scenario. Most of the bigger enterprises keep both providers which means that IT professionals with knowledge in AWS and Azure are highly valuable. Considering that post-pandemic, cloud computing is the main skills that will be required from network professionals, an AWS career can guarantee you great options.

IT Skills to Master in a Post Pandemic World Wednesday, June 17, 20200

IT Skills to Master in a Post Pandemic World

The more we claim to have our pre-covid 19 life back, the more it shows that we will need to face a “new normal” in some spheres of our lives. Workplaces are not the same, shopping still not a pleasant experience, and the digitalization was never so easy and fast adopted. While much is still unknown, looking from the IT perspective network professionals should be the ones looking at how to revamp their skills, which technologies will come out stronger after the crises, what kind of projects to continue, and the ones that should be stopped.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Thursday, February 20, 20200

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

The public cloud market is experiencing explosive growth. Gartner predicts revenue will grow from $176 billion in 2018 to $240 billion in 2020. In the cloud space, three tech giants have pulled ahead: Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Combined, they dominate nearly 65 percent of the global public cloud market.

How to Plan Your Migration to the Cloud Wednesday, January 22, 20200

How to Plan Your Migration to the Cloud

Moving the company applications to the cloud is one step that more enterprises are considering and planning to do in 2020.  In the past few years, cloud adoption has increased significantly, as it provides considerable value achieving greater scalability, cost efficiency, and improved performance.

What is Edge Computing Wednesday, August 14, 20190

What is Edge Computing

Companies that have already adopted edge computing have reported increased productivity, reduced costs and furthermore improved business processes. Even though the edge computing concept is not new, the increasing number of IoT devices connected to networks and large amounts of data being process is requiring a new approach. The solution for it is Edge Computing.

How Big Data and Machine Learning can Impact your Business Tuesday, March 12, 20190

How Big Data and Machine Learning can Impact your Business

Big Data and Machine Learning are bringing a new reality into business in general, they are reshaping the way companies use data and their upcoming plans. Even though, for some businesses it might sound something too far away, they are more realistic than we believe, and it can help enterprises gain a competitive edge. By 2020 it’s expected that the accumulated volume of big data will equal 44 trillion GB.

New Data Centre Certifications Thursday, January 10, 20190

New Data Centre Certifications

New Horizons Ireland are launching new Data Centre certifications which can be achieved by sitting the below courses and sitting the requisite exams. The list included oficial curses from EPI, Cisco and VMWare. Access below to check.

Everything that you need to know to master a career in Big Data Tuesday, January 8, 20190

Everything that you need to know to master a career in Big Data

It’s estimated that there are over 12.000 vacancies in the technology sector in Ireland right now. There is no doubt that the tech sector suffers from a talent shortage all over the world. Big Data or Data Science is one of these areas. The novelty of the term doesn’t help either, which means that we will witness the market literally run to get IT Pros to fill the open opportunities. If we consider that 90% of the data available today was generated in the last 2 years, it’s not difficult to predict the future, it will take some time to have a new bunch of professionals qualified in Bid Data.


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