Adding Signatures to your Outlook Emails

And Adding an Electronic Business Card to an Email


Adding signatures allows you to personalise your Outlook emails and add contact information. Your job title, contact phone numbers, website address can all be included in a signature. Even your hand-written signature can be included as an image. You can add links to social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, and you can even send business cards in an email signature. Your signature can also be automatically included on every outgoing email or you can choose with emails Outlook will include the signature in.

To include a signature in your email, you first have to create and save one. You can create many different signatures, for business-related or personal emails. To create a default signature, click the File tab and then click Options. Then click the Mail option in the menu and click Signatures…

In the Select Signatures to Edit section click New. Type a new name for the signature, click OK, and enter the information you want to include. 

In the Choose default signature section you can select which saved signature to use for outgoing emails and for replies and forwarded emails. Note: If you do not select a default signature at this time, you can add signatures to individual outgoing emails by selecting the Message tab on the ribbon and selecting Signature in the Include group.

Adding Images and Hyperlinks to your Signatures

To add another level of functionality to your signature you might include logos for popular social networking providers and add hyperlinks to allow your email recipients to view your social networking accounts. You will need to save copies of the social networking provider’s logos as image files before proceeding.

To add an image file to an existing signature first open the Options dialog box in Outlook (the same one used to create the signature). Select the name of the signature you want to add the image to. Place the cursor where you want to insert the image and click the Picture tool. Select the picture from your folder and insert.

To add a hyperlink to the inserted image, select the image and click the Hyperlink tool and enter the address of the social networking provider. Click Save to update your signature and OK to close the dialog box.

Adding an Electronic Business Card to an Email

Adding an electronic business card to an outgoing email allows you to share your contact information with your email recipients, as well as allowing them to save your contact information into their own contacts address book in Outlook.

To add an electronic business card to an outgoing email your will need to select a contact, or create a new contact in your Contacts address book. In the new email, place the cursor after the body text of your email and on the Message tab, in the Include group, click Attach Item and select Business Card (select Other Business Cards if the name you want is not displayed).

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