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9 Myths About Moving To The Cloud

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In the article below we explore 9 myths about moving to the cloud

9 myths about moving to the cloud

There is no doubt that Office 365 will help your business and improve the productivity of your team. In the article below we explore 9 myths about moving to the cloud according to Microsoft. After reading them all you will see that is no hassle of adopting it.

1 Cloud migration is too complex

You might think that migrate to the cloud is complex, but once you decide to make the move you will have all support from specialists. From information and tips on firewall configurations to reverse proxy requirements and migration possibilities with a phased approach, Microsoft have created several paths you can follow.

2 Keeping data on-premises is safer

Office 365 has dedicated security, that probably most of the IT departments don’t have the resources to ensure. Processes such as security development lifecycle, traffic throttling and preventing, detecting and mitigating breaches are included.

3 There is nothing private about the cloud

Microsoft is the first major cloud provider to adopt the world’s first international standard for cloud privacy, which means that Microsoft ensure strict controls and design elements that prevent the mingling of your data with that of other organizations, for example. It might be stored in the Microsoft’s cloud, but the data still yours. So, your IT team will manage the access, set up rights and restrictions, etc. Everything under your control with Microsoft technology, support and warranty.  

4 Dealing with the cloud is just another hassle

Once you have moved to the cloud, you won’t need to worry about maintaining hardware and updating software. Your team will spend more time thinking in business operations and launching initiatives. In this situation managers can encourage their teams to think strategically.

5 It’s cloud or nothing

There is no point of moving your entire businesses to the cloud overnight, every company has a different time to approach this. Most implementations start with a hybrid approach, moving a single application, like email (Exchange), and growing from there.  Microsoft can help you quickly move to the cloud and then figure out the right long-term plan for larger or more difficult migrations.

6 It is online only

One of the benefits of Office 365 is the online and offline availability. Once you sign up, you can use apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote offline as well as online. You can just store documents using OneDrive to get access, and the next time you connect to the internet, any documents you edited offline will upload automatically.

7 It is the same old Skype

Office 365 has Microsoft Teams, which is more likely a hyper-Skype. But ‘Teams’ is built on a new, cutting-edge Skype infrastructure for enterprise-grade voice and video communications for meetings with your team members. They can open files directly in Word or Excel, which makes the content more searchable and easier to interact with than in Slack, for example.

8 Email is still just email

Once you have moved your business to the cloud you won’t need to worry about updating. Software updates are delivered automatically, and with the Microsoft experts handling all the tricky stuff, you can spend more time on the core operations that build business value rather than keeping up with nonstop hardware maintenance.

9 Continuous updates can break a business-critical apps

Office 365 leaves other software applications alone. Microsoft knows the importance of your workforce being able to use business-critical apps and add-ins with Office 365. That’s why they are committed to compatibility with the tools you use every day. They collaborated closely with leading software vendors, so their Office-friendly solutions continue to work with Office 365. And, in addition to offering the worldwide standard of desktop applications, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, also providing guidance and best practices for update management and development to avoid any compatibility issues.

Get your team ready

The best option when it comes to new technologies is to qualify your team in advance, it makes the process easy and gentle. At New Horizons Ireland we provide a wide range of Microsoft courses led by our experienced and certified instructors, including Office 365.

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