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Excellent interaction and answered all of my questions. Looking forward to being able to apply some of the tips and features learned today which hopefully should have real impact on some of the more time consuming tasks currently encountered.

Dublin Student

Had a thorough knowledge which was really helpful. Answered every question and gave extra detail which made me understand the function a lot easier. The trainer was very pleasant. Excellent people skills and I really enjoyed the session.

Dublin Student

Sharon was lovely and has a fantastic knowledge. Honestly I didn't think I needed part 1 but I am SO glad I came. Thank you. Will be back in for part 2.

Dublin Student

The class just finished and I just wanted to mention to you that it was absolutely amazing. The quality of the training had very high standards, the trainer explained amazingly well and we actually practiced (did) all the steps. It was not learning by watching a presentation but by actually doing. The training has been delivered from Atlanta (US) and I cannot wait to go tomorrow in the office and recommend it. The connection and the lab environment were running perfectly.
Once again thank you very much and looking forward for the next trainings scheduled. Enrolling via New Horizons Dublin was the perfect choice.

Kind regards, Cristina

Online Live Student

Booking process was very easy. Once initial contact was made everything happened smoothly.


Great course yesterday and can’t give enough amazing feedback for John. I’ve never had a teacher hold attention of a class from start to finish, but yesterday he did this.

Jennifer O'Connor - Vistra Ireland

Sharon was great! Made the content interesting and fun (didn't think this was possible with Excel). Helped with any queries no matter how large, silly or small and made it a great informative day. Thank you!

Dublin classroom student

This is the 3rd course I have done with Arun. He is very helpful and always supportive if I have other questions outside the lecture parameters. I have already recommended him and New Horizons to work colleges and would do so again after this course.

Philip - Dublin classroom student

Instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable. He organised a number of ad hock sessions regarding different topics that allowed better understanding of more advanced subjects. In general extremely helpful, professional and attentive.

New Horizons Ireland student

I was very happy with my instructor. He was very friendly and accommodating in general to my questions and taking the course. For every question I asked him he has a good and understandable answer, backed up by real world software development examples.  He was obviously very knowledgeable about the topic of my course, and also programming in a broader sense. He was also great at giving me supplementary information outside the course content, in relation to what would be useful and on my question.

New Horizons Ireland student

This was my 2nd course with New Horizons and I enjoy the format of the courses.

This was very well-run, the instructor was superb and i will get a lot of benefit from having access for the next 6 months, I look forward to the next course.

Cathal - Kerry, Ireland

I would like to thank the staff of New Horizons, who were very helpful, prompt, friendly and professional in helping me attain my MCTS certification. I would like to thank Abdul in particular for his guidance during the course and commend him on his knowledge of software development.

Paul – ITC Group, Dublin, Ireland

The instructor was excellent. Was willing to field any questions we had and deal with our specific queries.

Excel Class - New Horizons Ireland

Competent instructors, up-to-date material, and an overall astounding quality of the training plus the equipment and facilities make New Horizons a first-rate training environment.

Firstly I would like to say thanks, I found the course I sat yesterday extremely beneficial and the instructor was fantastic, she was enthusiastic and engaging and I would highly recommend the course to friends and colleagues.  The post class services are also excellent!

New Horizons Ireland student - Sept 2015

"I believe that between the quality of learning and the great instructors, New Horizons has the best opportunity for me to find a job in the IT field. With their help I now have one."


Wonderful teacher

Course presented extremely well indeed

New Horizons Ireland Student feedback

Very good, warm and welcoming instructor, very approachable with fluent English. Would defiantly recommend again.

New Horizons Ireland Student feedback

Jackson took the time to learn about my current environment, and my planned implementation. This has made me more confident in tackling what would have been a quite daunting task (upgrading Exchange)

New Horizons Ireland Student feedback

Very helpful & approachable. Provided plenty of material to learn from. Kept a regular check on my progression and understanding of the material.

New Horizons Ireland Student feedback